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Lorena Mitchell

Lorena Mitchell


As President of Evolve Green, Lorena Is NABCEP trained and leads the business by creating the highest quality standards in design for both grid connected renewable energy systems and remote power systems. She oversees all procurement, and product development and manages the installation group. Delivering innovative solutions for Commercial, Oil and Gas as well as Residential and Government clients.

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Tiernan Blair-Mitchell

Tiernan Blair-Mitchell

Client Manager

Having been with the company since day one, Tiernan has been trained on everything from ground to roof installation, client management, and Solar design. He now runs project development from the client side, organizing free site assessments, building site plans, and designing Solar PV Arrays. Tiernan is proud to be a part of Evolve Green and hopes to see the company continue to grow.

Alex Barnowski

Alex Barnowski

Installation Lead

Alex has lead in a variety of trades for the past five years. Now finding his home in the world of Solar, his years of experience lead to a well-coordinated and efficient job site. Alex oversees staff management, scheduling, and task management on site.

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What do our customers say?

  • "“At about April 29th, 2018, at the very end of the Manitoba Government incentive program, my wife and I contracted with EvolveGreen to install 42 solar panels on our cottage at West Hawk Lake. It is a decision we will never regret. Installation occurred in August 2018. Lorene Mitchell's service, including answering from time to time, questions about the system, was timely and excellent, her crews cordial and efficient and the result has been a substantial saving in our cottage Hydro bill (we have about 4500 square feet of living space, included heated garage). We signed a supply contract with Manitoba Hydro for a five year term at a rate that is satisfactory, but, with increasing rates, considering we paid the majority of the cost for the installation of the system, Hydro should also increase the rate it pays us for our supply of electricity into their system at the same time it increases its rate to consumers. I understand Lorena, together with the committee she is on continue to push Hydro to increase the rates it pays electricity suppliers like us for our supply. One very important item to remember for a Vendor selling their property and who has entered into a supply agreement with Manitoba Hydro, if you sell your property (home, cottage or other property with a solar system on it), the Purchaser must apply within a very short period of time to Hydro to gain its approval of the assignment by the Vendor to the Purchaser of the Vendor's electricity supply contract. Additionally, because snow will reduce the electricity output and even stop it, and where it is difficult to clear off the panels, such as in our situation, we do need a reasonably cost efficient system of clearing off the snow from the panels. That's a problem that I trust will be resolved in the near future. We have still substantially reduced our electricity costs. THANK-YOU LORENA!”"

    Winston Smith

  • "Very impressed with Lorena and the crew who installed my grid tied 3.7 kW system. I have a very strong background in electrical and electronics but decided these folks could do the job as well as, or better than myself. They were able to cut through all the red tape, dot the i's and cross the t's required by MB Hydro for the grant application also."

    John Phillips

  • "Been using Evolve's system now for about 2.5 years. Not an issue at all. Flawless install and extremely friendly staff. They work with you and truly care about their product and the environment. Would HIGHLY recommend using them. Lorena is the type of owner who will bend over backwards to make things work for you. No disappointment here."

    Kim Andre

  • "I'm so thrilled to have EvolveGreen doing my residential solar panels! I'd originally asked for estimates from a few places, but the others were not nearly as attentive to details or as interested in answering my questions about particularities of my building or longer term energy plans.

    Update: My system is installed and everything is amazing! I could not be more pleased with Evolve Green!"

    Emily Clyde-Parry Yaroszko

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