Solar Panel


Solar Panel Grid Tied Micro Inverter System


Up to $10,000 in grants and up to $40,000 Interest-Free 10-year Federal Loan Available


Solar Panel and Hoymiles Micro inverter system.

Roof Mount = $2.90-$2.75 per watt from 5-10KW

Ground Mount = $3.20-$3.05 per watt from 5-10KW


Hoymiles HM-1500 Quad-MicroInverters – 25 Year Warranty

440-450watt Solar panels – 25 Year Production Warranty to 80%

FasTrack Racking – 15 Year Warranty

Solar Claw Flashing (Roof Mount Only)

Online Monitor

5 Year Labour Warranty

Installation and Permit Packages*

*Electrical Upgrades Not Included

*Some Permits Not Included but will be Stated on Quote