Solar Panel


OG 3.9 ODIN Package – 3.9kw solar 4.4kw Inverter 22kw usable storage complete kit. 48VDC Deluxe off grid Solar for Cabin

$23,294.00 $22,000.00


Off Grid in Style with this 3.9kw solar system Roof mounted with Flashing kit and rails.

Kit includes

12 – 325 watt solar panels 25 year warranty ( variety available )

6- 30FT Black Mc4 cables #10 with high end Weiland connectors UV 600V solar cable

6- 30FT Red Mc4 cables #10 with high end Weiland connectors UV 600V solar cable

1- Midnite combiner 6

6- 20 amp dc breakers

2- 100 amp dc breaker

Kinetic rails Canadian made with 16 L feet and Zilla flashing kits (please note this is for single row)

1- Magnum E-Panel Mini with 250A main

1- remote start AGS net working works with electric start Generators

1- 4448 PAE Magnum Inverter pure sine wave 4000watt inverter can surge double briefly built in Charger and Auto switch 120/240v 5 Year warranty

1- PT100 Magnum Charge controller 100AMP

1- ARC remote meter with 50ft cable wall mount or on the system

8- Surrette S460 AGM perfect for those remote cabins or if you do not plan to be there in the winter This battery bank is 22kw storage with 11kw usable energy

Can be kept indoors as these are sealed batteries dry cell.

16- High quality 14 in black 0/4 battery cables

1- Set Red and Black 12 ft Inverter cables 0/4






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