Solar Panel


The Lost Ark Package


Black Friday Special: $500 off if you make a $500 deposit by the end of November 2021


Sol-Ark 5K or 12K

5KWH Lithium Battery

Installation and Generator Panel Included.

Sized based on your needs.

Solar and Generator Ready. Can be easily added to existing Grid Tied Solar System.

Sol-Ark is the only inverter that can provide battery backup and sell back to the grid.

EMP Hardened! Sol-Ark can resist Severe Weather, Solar Flares, EMP Attack and Cyber Threats!

The Sol-Ark inverter has a 4 millisecond transfer time, the lowest in the industry, and it has a digital display with remote wi-fi control.

Eligible for current Grants. Green Homes Grant $1000 if you get at least one other recommended item.